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So you want to be a part of Keen Zombies? Here's how to get in on the zombie mayhem. Keen Zombies is a webcomic, and as such primarilly we're looking for zombie comics. You may submit comics of any size (dimensions wise), length and format. We take everything from single panel one shots to lengthy epics. We'll adjust the update schedule according to the artist. Because of the nature of Keen Zombies as a cooperative comic we do require that you send in completed stories. This doesn't mean it has to have any sort of real ending, only that you have sent in a complete body of work, not a partial one. We also accept pieces of Zombie art, which will be posted between stories. Whatever you choose to send in, send it to Fragraham(at)gmail(dot)com. We would preffer to recieve your works as email attachments in jpeg, gif, or png format. Some Q&A below should clear things up.

  • Q: So if I send some zombie comics to you it goes up on Keen Zombies?
  • A: Yes, that's how it works.
  • Q: Do I have to have a comic on Keenspace to participate?
  • A: No, anyone can participate, including comics from other communities and even those with no comic at all.
  • Q: What kind of comic are you looking for?
  • A: Anything with zombies. Though Keen Zombies is aiming for comics that feature characters from other webcomics thrown into a zombie world (such as the cast of AntiBunny, you can write stand alone comics with original characters as well. However if you want to write with someone else's characters, that's much like doing a crossover and as such we ask that you get that person's permission as well.
  • Q: What are the quality standards?
  • A: None really. We're aiming to include everyone so long as they have hideous rotting flesh eating zombies. It's all about the zombie love. We accept hand drawn, photoshopped, stick figure, copy/paste, stick figures, photo, and whatever else you can think of. Zombies don't discriminate and neither do we.
  • Q: I already did a zombie comic. Can I just send that in?
  • A: It depends. How well does this story stand alone? If it can begin and end within its self without a refference to other comics then yes, or if you can make changes that allow it to do so. In fact it's preferable that you do make changes if you send in an existing work. Though new works will show up sooner.
  • Q: I don't have time to make a comic but I did draw a few cool zombie pictures. Can I just send those in?
  • A: Yes, to an extent. Stand alone zombie pictures will be shown between stories. But please don't flood us with too many pictures. If you have time to draw more than two zombie pictures you've had time to make at least a stand alone comic.
  • Q: Okay wise guy. What are the rules in your zombie world?
  • A: Now that's an important question. The world of Keen Zombies is a strange amalgam of worlds. A double of almost every webcomic character out there exists, and is either one of the few living or more likely one of the walking dead. Where the zombies came from, no one knows, and at this point the last of the living are too concearned with staying alive to care. Though plenty of theories abound. Zombification acts as it does in the movies, spreading through a bite, which causes the victim to slowly die, and then reanimate as a zombie. Those already dead can also come back as zombies. We have all kinds of zombies, slow ones, fast ones, smart ones, and dumb ones, brain eating, and the traditional just plain flesh eating. Your call as to which ones to use. All we ask is that you avoid a few things. Do not reveal the origin of the zombies. You can propose theories all you want but it's best to leave that open so you don't leave later writers in a corner. And please don't totally save the world or totally kill off all the remaining living either. We want to keep Keen Zombies on-going.
  • Q: Can I do a zombie crossover?
  • A: Yes you can, as long as you have the permission of everyone involved in said crossover.
  • Q: Can I depict a famous copyrighted character in Keen Zombies?
  • A: No. Please stick to webcomics only. We do not want to see Superman, Mickey Mouse, or Darth Vader zombies. (actually we'd all like to see that but copyright laws forbid it).
  • Q: How long does a zombie comic need to be (and how long can it be)?
  • A: There are no restrictions on length. You can do a single stand alone comic, or multi strip epics. If you send in a longer story we'll change the update schedule to compensate. But do keep it to under 2 weeks. So there really is an absolute maximum of 14 pages.
  • Q: What style does my comic need to be?
  • A: There are no style restrictions. You can do a single panel, a newspaper strip, full page or whatever you like. It does need to be a single image though. It's more difficult to run multi image comics.
  • Q: What file formats can I use?
  • A: We accept .jpg, .gif, and .png format files. We also accept animated gif files. Animated png files are not accepted, as they're not fully supported in all browsers. Likewise animated flash files are not accepted. Please keep your file size under 500kb.
  • Q: What are the ratings restrictions on Keen Zombies?
  • A: Keen Zombies is rated WEB-MA which allows for graphic violent content, swearing, nudity, and limited sexual situations. However there are still limites. A comic that is nothing but sex would be a higher rating and won't be accepted. Plus this is a zombie comic. There's plenty of sex on the internet. This is to pander to our lust for violence.
  • Q: Okay I think I got it. Where do I send my zombies?
  • A: Send them HERE
  • Q: I'm still not clear on something? Can I ask some questions?
  • A: Yes Ask Away

Keen Zombies is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. They're pretty keen, if I do say so myself.

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